Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sculptis CGI software:

 Hi Guys I have been looking a long time for a really good CGI sculpting program cheap and easy to use, I have never really sculpt on CGI programs before so I have to learn as i am going. But this site and application is truly unreal its called sculptis very easy to use and great for drawing up your sculpture before you start, the program allows you to change scale and save, so you can get the exact size you are wanting to bring out into clay. Here are my first few attempts with the software

Still working on the Ravana piece I started to sculpt his head and armour, and just like sketching it really gives you another prospective into your sculpture!
You can change the materials you use to sculpt with in the program like the armour here I change to a gold material, it is very impressive to see the transformation!

I am having only one issue for now and that it starts to slow down and close the screen on me while I work on, But I have sent the company a massage and hoping to resolve the issue soon. The best part about it is that its free the upload "FREE" Yes it is but I think the catch is that the real program that is need with the sculptis is the ZBrush application and thats for sale for $700 US thats a pretty good price. I have been looking around and I know its a very good price. But the sculptis is unreally an unreal yes I said Unreally unreal. Just try it for your self here is the link for sculptis and the company pixilogic


ZBrush Tips and Tricks

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