Saturday, 21 January 2012


 Ravana many heads defined!

Because sculpting can be limited to the realities of the material laws of nature trying to sculpture Ravana full ten heads was not an option. But based on the past time his heads came out after Lord Rama cut them off, so in many traditional painting sometimes three heads were out.

  Brahma granted him these boons in addition to his 10 severed heads and great strength by way of knowledge of divine weapons and magic. Thus ravana known as 'Dasamukha' (Dasa = ten, mukha =face). 
Here is a painting with 3 heads coming out

 For molding reasons all three heads can be detached at a later stage, when sculpting I have to always keep in mind the molding process and the undercuts and difficult areas that would cause a problem later. Hence the arms and legs will also be removable!  
I wil leave the finer details on the heads once the main torso is finished, this will keep work undamage, in the earlier stages to sculpting I learned that doing the fine detailing at the start can cause you to do it twice, and there is nothing more frustrating then when you just get it right and you have to go over it again! Finish the bulk of the heavy pushing and pulling of the clay and then detail your little hearts away. I will post detail description of the helmet being sculpt so keep an eye out for that.

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